Watertaxi voor Giraffen

  • The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) rescued giraffes trapped in Longicharo Island in Lake Baringo using boats.
    In a statement, KWS indicated that transportation across the lake to the mainland would be made if the giraffes learnt how to use the vessel.
    The state co-oporation made the statement after an adult male giraffe was rescued and moved to Ruko Conservancy on the mainland.KWS rescues a giraffe on Wednesday, January 27
    Giraffes are facing threat of starvation as a result of habitat loss due to the continued increase in lake water levels,” reads an excerpt of the statement.
    The giraffes were left stranded after the water level rose due to climate change and rainfall. 
    Another eight giraffes were rescued in December last year by the KWS,  Northern Rangelands Trust and the nonprofit organization Save Giraffes Now.
    They were provided with food and had occasional health check-ups before their rescue.The team also familiarized the animals with the sight of the barge over a several-month period by locking them inside different barges. To manage the rescue mission, they were locked inside several badges with reinforced sides to ensure that they did not jump out.”There is great urgency to execute this rescue. We couldn’t have asked for a better result, and we’re eager to move the others soon.
    With giraffe undergoing a silent extinction, everyone we can protect matters,”  
    David O’Connor, president of Shttps://savegiraffesnow.org/about-us/ave Giraffes Now had stated. 

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