Geen job geen eten !

If you are one of our Distant Relatives who has had, or dreamed of, the opportunity to experience our incredible Ecolodge in Kenya, we ask for your support with any contributions during this COVID-19 crisis.

The dream and intention is for Distant Relatives to be an inspiring experimental model for a more sustainable and more conscious society. At a time of climate emergency and growing social divide across the world, Distant Relatives aims to bring a message of optimism and inspiration, as well as to stimulate the local economy through all of our operations and activities.

Our philosophy has always been to work around nature, rather than making nature work around us: all of our accommodations are made by local people with local materials and intertwine with the surrounding environment, connect us with the natural world and minimize our footprint wherever possible.

Distant Relatives is made of 30+ wonderful staff, most of whom are from the immediate local area with near to no current income and very little resources/savings. There’s nothing the entire team would love more than to ensure we can continue to welcome all of you beautiful people for the decades to come.

Today, Distant Relatives is #CallingAllRelatives as we are in trouble and we could really use your help. We’ll make sure to give back to you and to the community ten-fold, in part with rewards listed below and in part in hugs, thanks, love and big vibes from the entire Distant Relatives team.

We hope to welcome you back to your second home in Kenya soon!

  Gofundme  link

Facebook Ecolodge

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