Heavy rains !

Kajiado-Namanga road became impassable as Isinya River overflowed at the bridge.The Met department has allayed fears of a storm in parts of the country this Sunday. Peter Ambenje, the Director of the Meteorological Departments said there will be heavy rainfall.
The Met department warned that the rainfall is likely to continue over counties in Western, South and Central Rift Valley on Friday.

Southeastern, Northern (Isiolo and Samburu), Central parts of Kenya including Nairobi area and the Coast will also be affected but the intensity will be lower.

According to the Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards, heavy rains will hit Kenya, central Angola, southern DRC, northern Zambia, Tanzania, and southern Ethiopia next week.

In the March 15 to 21 forecast, the group noted that rains will increase risks of flooding due to high potential for tropical cyclone formation over the south Indian Ocean. “Copious amounts of rain are forecast over southern and central Kenya during the next week, increasing risks for flash flooding over the Nairobi region,” it said.

At least nine people have died in massive destruction caused by torrential rains that continued to pound many parts of the country.

Six people died in Mwingi, two in Kajiado and one student in Mai Mahiu, Naivasha, as several roads were cut-off and cars submerged in floodwater.

BRON : @The Star
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