Airport Mombasa

Mombasa, new road to airport is ready


The road junction from Mombasa airport is finally ready and easy to reach: it connects to the main routes that lead to Nairobi, the railway station, Malindi and Diani on the south coast (and therefore towards the border with Tanzania).
The first part of one of the major works carried out by the Kenyatta government and included in the "Vision 2020", which provides for the development of the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest metropolis, has been completed in recent days.
Now leaving Moi International Airport, you will immediately find an asphalt road with two separate lanes that connects to an overpass with two interchanges that lead on one side to the industrial district and on the other to the Mombasa-Nairobi motorway.
Going on to the flyover, you will jump over a large part of the city and you will arrive directly at one of the last roundabout (roundabout) that leads on the road to Kilifi and Malindi. The second part of the project, scheduled for the end of 2018, includes another ring road that is expected to come out directly after the Nyali bridge, in order to avoid the current

bottling of traffic.

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