Vanavond stort ik via Mpesa naar mijn vriendin Tiju.

Zij zorgt dat een bijdrage gebruikt wordt voor WATER.

Als je wil meedoen, geef even een seintje, zelfs 0,20 cent helpt !

Tsavo East is currently facing a severe drought. Help us supply much needed water to save wildlife.

Emergency call for donations to supply water in drought stricken Tsavo East National park.

Tsavo East is bearing the brunt of the current dry spell. Water if any at all is difficult to come by, pushing wildlife to the edge.

Currently there’s an effort by a group of people supplying water at various water points in Tsavo, in collaboration with Care for the Wild Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service and Ms. Tiju Aziz, we want to help boost their resources for now so they can deliver much more water efficiently and effectively as we look for lasting solutions to the drought situation.

With as little as Kes. 20.00 you can help us make a difference and save wildlife.

Photo credits: Tiju Aziz


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