I LOVE Kenya – for a hundred – THOUSAND – reasons! But let’s just start with these :

  •  Kenya has extraordinary friendly peoples
  •  Kenya is a vast country of contrasting landscapes
  •  Kenya has 48 national parks, reserves, marine parks and private sanctuaries
  •  Kenya is the home of the classic African safari and the Big Five
  •  Kenya has 400 mammal species and 1132 bird species, the most of any country in Africa
  • The Great Migration passes through Kenya’s Masai Mara
  • Kenyans are proud in welcoming tourists
  • Kenya offers an unmatched range of beach holidays, think: sunbathing, snorkelling, scuba diving, SUP Stand Up Paddling, kitesurfing, sailing
  • English is widely spoken throughout Kenya. Swahili is the official language
  • The food, be it fruits, njama choma, swahili dishes, irio, mandazi, : great tastes and value
  • Kenya has the big 5 : buffalo, lion, leopard, rhino and elephant
  • Kenya has the small 5 : sea turtles, dolphins, whales, whale sharks and billfish
  • Kenya offers visitors an infinite array of authentic wildlife experiences, on land, on the ocean and even from the air!
  • Kenya is a geographer, photographer and naturalist’s dream: featuring mountains, extinct volcanoes, soda lakes, Equatorial rainforest,
    alpine glaciers and arid deserts.
  • The highest point is the snowcapped peak of Mount Kenya, the intersection of the Equator and the Great Rift Valley

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