Still discovering new places

Two days in a row now we went for long walks in the afternoon. That’s the advantage of being here in wintertime : it’s a nice 28 degrees and sometimes slightly clouded. First we dropped with a piki-piki at Distant Relatives Ecolodge, where we had a drink , a toilet visit (must see!) and than went through their gate to the ‘beach’. In fact this is a creek-bank, low-tide it’s possible to walk all the way back to town. Which we did.
It was a nice walk, along mangroves, old sea farers hotel (degraded lots, our neighbors used to stay there when we had holiday to coast from Bura) jetty’s, old and new boats. We passed the old ferry crossing as well, where I used to be soo scared as my father drove onto the ”ferry” with our Citroen DS in 1979-1981….. The toll house also degraded a bit…
At Kilifi-bridge we went up to the road again. Rumor goes that all the steel inside the bridge has been stolen and the bridge is near to collapse… when Ndurya told me earlier I thought he was sort of joking, but now there are actually repair plans and the ferry will be crossing again for the period the bridge will be closed.
Yesterday we started walking from Bofa, passed the road behind the second row houses, turned right onto Thomas-road passing along Kilifi Prison and smoothly tarmacced now. But boy oh boy what a rubbish everywhere…
How I wish Kenya was to implement the rules of Namibia to have prisoners clean up all the mess at night OR even better : completely BAN all plastic like Ruanda does .
We took a shortcut to Barones and bought 2 beautiful Teo’s from a small shop. 1/3 of the price they offered me a week ago at Mnarani….
Sipping Krest and eating a samosa was well deserved after this long walk. Via the market and the carpenter we took a piki-piki home.

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