It is time for taking action! DO NOT TOUCH Nairobi National Park to spare 1 man’s house.

Uhuru Kenyatta, The President of Kenya:

Protect Nairobi Park against SGR and selfish land owner

The Kenyan government is building an ambitious new railway : new Standard Gauge railway (SGR) that is badly needed in the country.
However, earlier plans for the track to follow thenorthern edge of Nairobi Park, were appealed by 1 individual, and the governmentis now considering re-aligning the route so that the train track will slice across
the unique Nairobi National Park cutting off many acres of prime rhino habitat.This re-alignment is for the benefit of one person only – to avoid destroying abuilding, Heritage House, that was declared a national heritage a few months

ago. Heritage House is not a National
Heritage, it is a personal property of one Alan Donovan.Alan Donovan (American) is the owner of old Heritage House, a building constructed in the style of a West African home. It was built only 21 yeas ago. He claims that he has filled his
home with African artifacts collected from around Africa (We are not aware if
these artifacts are authentic nor if they were collected legally or ethically).
We recognize that Alan Donovan is attached to his beautiful home and properties,
however it is our view that his personal assets cannot be compared to or valued
as National Heritage comparable to a National Park.

At risk of destruction is the spectacular
Nairobi National Park, gazetted in 1946, 17 years before Kenya’s independence.
It is 59 years old, is the oldest park in Eastern Africa and is the ONLY WILDLIFE
PARK INSIDE A CAPITAL CITY. Nairobi Park is home to over 40 wild lions, is a
globally important rhino sanctuary, has hundreds of giraffe, buffalo and over
1,500 species of birds. President Jomo Kenyatta, the First President of Kenya promised to conserve Kenya’s priceless heritage for posterity. The Nairobi National Park is
a vital piece of Kenya’s National Heritage and has global importance.

We urge the Government of Kenya to reconsider protecting an individual’s property at the cost of the nation’s heritage.

This petition is to the
President of Kenya, the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, the Cabinet
Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Chairman of
the Kenya Wildlife Service. We have two requests

1. Halt the current plans to realign the railway, and instead revive the
previous plans for the Standard Gauge Railway alignment which follows the
northern boundary of the park and is adjacent to the existing railway.

2. Compensate Alan Donovan so that he can dismantle and rebuild
Heritage House elsewhere, or fence his property into the park and make it a
national museum for public access.

We urge people of Kenya and friends from all around the world to sign the petition now to save NairobiNational Park!

We need to urgently deliver this petition directly to CS.
Professor Judi Wakhungu and to Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of
Kenyan government.

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