Security starts with you
University students, staff and all members of the Public have been advised to avoid overcrowding in crime scenes immediately after explosions occur.
Addressing hundreds of students and members of staff at Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) Bomb Technology expert in Coast region Mr. Mwanyalo Salim said that terrorists have learnt that Kenyans have a habit of surrounding scenes of crimes therefore they can easily use that weakness to set time Bombs which explode in different time intervals to fulfil their heinous acts.
The Bomb expert revealed that overcrowding in crime scenes interfere with evidence collections because most of the masculine tapes that might contain finger prints of the culprits can easily get carried away when people step on them.
“If you step on the tapes and take it to your home how will the security officers get the evidence? Most homemade bombs (improvised explosive devises or I.E.Ds) are made of tapes. That is where we can get the finger prints of the culprits. You take evidence, then you start blaming the police that they are doing nothing to curb terrorism activities.” Mwalonya lamented.
In his presentation the Bomb expert emphasized that people should not touch objects that they suspect to be bombs or grenades. In addition no one should handle a situation he/she is not conversant with.
He revealed that the commonly used grenades in East Africa region are the Chinese 82, and F1 fragmentation which takes only four second to explode once the pin is removed.
In case a grenade explodes, one is supposed to turn and drop down, face downwards and close the legs to protect the most delicate body parts. One is supposed to protect his/her head using hands while lying on the ground to avoid head injuries. Lastly it is advisable to open your mouth wide to balance pressure.
Mr. Oscar Omole from Anti-terror Police Unit (ATPU) who accompanied Mr. Mwalonya assured Mombasa residents of their safety adding that the government had already installed 300 intelligence Video Surveillance equipment in Mombasa City and 800 in Nairobi city. He said the next town that will be targeted for installation of VS equipment will be Garisa.
“With these modern facilities we can monitor what is happening in two cities with just a click of a button.” Said Oscar.

Also present in the security sensitization workshop which was held on 30th September 2015, was the Vice Chancellor Prof. Josphat K.Z Mwatelah who reiterated that security is an obligation for all citizens therefore it should not be left for the police alone. He called on all students to be vigilant and to report any person, car or object they suspect to the security officers at the University.
Prof. Mwatelah revealed that such trainings will also be organized in Kwale and Lamu Campuses.

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