Safari – night of the hyenas

After quite a long drive we arrived at Ngare Ndare forrest. Very quiet, very beautiful. And fortunately – no rain!
While the crew is setting up the tents and preparing tea and food we walk along a long sky walk to a platform that ends up at a parrticularly nice part of the forrest. No elefants there because of the recent rains, but we did see some baboons and some bush bucks that as Will explained are often found in the same place as the baboons, because the baboons drop fruits from the trees and the baboons keep an eye out for predators.

On the way back across the sky walk Klaas saw 2 hyenas. I managed to get a few pictures of one of them. After it had turned dark,we could hear a couple of hyenas as well. It seems they do not attack humans.

Tonight about 10mm of rain, but fortunately now its dry again, sort of.

Next: have tea, have breakfast, pack up and move along.

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