Oct 30 – 31 – Train MBA – NAI

The old colonial train has been replaced by the new operator (Rift Valley) by a newer version, so unfortunately we only got to experience a newer version of the train. But still,’everything is kaputt’ as a Kenyan of German origin said. Departure from MBA was 4 hours late, due to ‘circumstances beyond our control’ – as it was called. So now we are due to arrive at NAI around 2 pm (instead of 10 am).

Some more delay at Konza as the tracks appear to be kaputt as well. After about an 1.5 h delay on to Nairobi. Met some Chinese at the station while waiting for Will to pick us up. Only the girl spoke English, but that’s ok, since she was a very pretty girl. They were no tourists, but (of course) working in Kenya / Nairobi.

After some hectic action at the station trying to find Will and after a lot of traffic jams we ended up at a very quiet Silole cottage. Prepare for the safari next day.

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