Teveel water 31-08-2012

HUNDREDS of families have been displaced by floods in Marigat in Baringo. The floods have destroyed schools, dispensaries, farm produce and hundreds of houses have been submerged. The residents from Kokwa Island said that the area has been subdivided into two causing alarm for the security of over 2,000 residents residing there.

According to Baringo Human Right activists Amos ole Mpaka, the floods have been caused after Lake Baringo busted its banks flowing to a radius of three kilometres. “Water flooding has been a constant problem to the residents of Salabani, Ng’ambo, Kiserian and Kokwa and no local leader has responded to their cries,” he said.

While schools will be opening school from Monday, pupils and students of Salabani Primary and Secondary, Ng’ambo, Sintaan and Loropil primary school will not been able to access their classes as they have been destroyed and submerge totally by water where more than 1,000 pupils are affected. “Dispensaries, Kokwa, Salabani and Ng’ambo have not been spared where pregnant women and sick children are forced to stay away from the medication due to inaccessible roads and health centers destroyed” Mpaka noted.

According to Kabukoki resident Samuel Mabolosi, the water flow has not been experienced lately and it is unusual for Lake Baringo to drain its water to the farms and homestead as experienced. “It is a shame to our provincial administration that has not cared to assist desperate people who are camping on open spaces without food, blankets and water” Mabolosi decried.

The residents have called upon the government and well-wishers to assist them in evacuating their belongings and animals before disaster strikes. The residents have decried negligence of their MP Sammy Mwita (Baringo Central) who has not stepped in the area to access the situation and offer humanitarian aid.

“Marigat DC has stopped Red Cross from assisting desperate people with tents claiming this will bring up camps which are a shame to the government hence residents continue to suffer and spending cold nights out,” said Mpaka.

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