Arme Olifant

VOI, Kenya, Mar 6 – Two people died on the spot after a vehicle they were travelling in rammed into an elephant in Voi on Monday night.

The deceased were among a group of six people who were returning from a pre-wedding ceremony when the accident occurred near Coast High School on the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway.

“The jumbo which was crossing the busy highway died instantly,” he said.

Aseneka and Tsavo East National Park Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) senior warden Dominic Wambua described the stretch between Bachuma Gate and Mtito-Andei town as a black spot involving motorists and wildlife.

Aseneka said: “The highway cuts across the Tsavo National Park and wildlife corridors hence making the area vulnerable to accidents.”

He said five elephants were crashed to death by a train in the area last week as they crossed the railway line.

“I advise motorists to be extra careful in this area especially at night to avert accidents involving them and wildlife,”


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